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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National Family Caregivers Month

In recognition of National Family Caregivers Month I thought I would share this link from the NPF and say thank you to all our care partners of PD.

Here at the Parkinson Center of Oregon we are running an 8 week group specifically set up for carepartners of PD.  That we are offering it during National Family Caregivers Month is purely coincidental, but it got me to wondering what other type of specific programming do other social workers and centers offer to their carepartners of PD.....



  1. At the Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre in Vancouver BC, I put together a handout for caregivers honoring them and highlighting specific resources that may be helpful to carepartners.
    I would be interested to hear about the content of your 8 week program. Perhaps you can share with me in Houston.

  2. Hi Elaine,
    I'm interested in seeing what you put together on your sheet for carepartners. Can you bring an example to Houston?

  3. I offered a one day Caregiver Education and Support Workshop for Parkinson's family caregivers in 2008. Topics included Home Care & Community Resources, Coping with Challenging Behaviours, Emotions of Caregiving, and Self Care. The next year, I facilitated an open discussion support group for the same group of caregivers. The response to both was very positive and it was clear there was a need for an ongoing support group. The Parkinson Society took this on and now offers a monthly Caregivers Support Group. I, also, developed a handout that lists local support groups for caregivers and other resources including websites.

  4. Sandra that sounds really good. Are you coming to Houston next week for the NPF conference? If you are I would love to see what your curriculum is from 2008.

  5. Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the NPF conference. This was the agenda for our 2008 Caregiver's Workshop:
    10:15 am – Welcome & Coffee
    10:30 am – Home Care & Community Resources
    11:15 am – Coping with Challenging Behaviours
    12:00 pm - Lunch (Bring your own lunch or you may purchase lunch from the Deer Lodge cafeteria)
    1:00 pm – Emotions of Caregiving
    1:45 pm - Self Care (including Stress Management)