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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Group CBT for Caregivers of Parkinson's disease

Now that our young persons with Parkinson's disease symposium, Insights and Inspirations is done my focus has shifted to developing a curriculum for a Cogntive Behavior Therapy (CBT) group for carepartners of PD. I am currently co-leadig a CBT group for people with PD, but we have never offered such a group for the spouses of PWP.

The curriculum definitely needs to be adjusted to address the often unique needs and issues that carepartners of PD face. I have just begun altering the curriculum and I expect it to take several weeks. Thus far I am taking the core concepts of CBT and adjusting the curriculum content to include Resilience and how to enhance this, in addition to Depression and Anxiety. I have a feeling that barriers to change will be an area that will be included as well.

I would be curious to hear if any other PD social workers are working on a similar project.


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